Nippon N.S.PRO Zelos 6 .355" Taper Tip Iron Shafts

Nippon N.S.PRO Zelos 6 .355" Taper Tip Iron Shafts

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■About 6 grams lighter than ZELOS 7, our previous record holder

ZELOS 6 was created in pursuit of a lighter, stronger, more tenacious steel shaft that would satisfy for a lifetime. The remarkable light weight was achieved by combining our state-of-the-art matching technology with NZNS 60, an original ZELOS material. This combination preserves the unique trajectory and stable direction of steel shafts while extending flight distance from similar weighted carbon shafts. The advanced ZELOS 7 steel shaft will continue to win fans, but our lightweight ZELOS 6 has established the new world record.

■An easy-to-use steel irons and wedge shaft for all golfers

We reduced shaft weight by about 6 grams to increase head speed and initial velocity, as well as launch angle and spin. Even at slower head speeds, the gentle bending stiffness of this shaft makes it easy to optimize timing and accuracy. The added carry distance and comfortable impact feeling will never fail to satisfy all golfers who settle for nothing less from steel shafts.

 Only available in one weight and flex option