Kamui Pro TP-09S Driver Head

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 Face height 7 mm shallower than conventional head. As a result, users who feel uncomfortable at the deep face also lead to a setup that does not feel uncomfortable. 
By flattening the lie angle to 59.5 °, it is possible to drastically reduce anxiety and fear of getting caught. It was the common sense of shallow face, by preventing the elevation of the ball and grasping excessively to deep back, to the proper spin amount. 


 By forging uniform faces to the extreme limit of conformity to make it a thinned face, it reduces unevenness of hit feeling when removing the core, and gains super soft feeling regardless of impact location.

5-3-2-2 Titanium cup face

 5-3-2-2 Thi was forged many times with a 500 t press machine, and the face was precision forged moulded. 
 A cup face without welding on the face side gets a soft hitting feeling, the hitting sound becomes a calm and dry sound, and the energy transmission efficiency increases, thereby improving the resilience performance throughout the face, and the impact out of the sweet  spot by suppressing the extra vibration of the head itself and the unpleasant vibration transmitted to the hand without losing and minimising flight and distance.


 Ion plating processing of gun metal black was done on the head. Directing a mirror finish with a more transparent sense of cloudiness directs a sense of quality. 
 For the face, silver satin finish which dropped the IP so that the advanced person loft, face angle makes it easy to see.

Further selectable trajectory, 5 kinds of Screw-Port Weight 
Weight Position of further effect

 It is possible to adjust headweight with the optimum balance of 25 weight combinations. 
(Weight is adhesive fixed type, weight adjustment is supported only by KAMUI)