Putt18 Golf Putting Game

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What's Included

Home Edition

  • 1 x Putt18 Putting Mat (3m x 1m) 
  • 1 x Putt18 Game Rules
  • 20 x Putt18 Score Cards

Home X Edition

  • 1 x Putt18 Putting Mat (3m x 1m) 
  • 20 x Putt18 Score Cards
  • 1 x Putt18 Game Rules
  • 12 x Putt18 Wild Cards (Original Set)
  • 1 x Putt18 Putter
  • 1 x Roll Back Bar
  • 6 x Putt18 Golf Balls


    Putt18 is an interactive putting game that allows you to play 9 or 18-hole Strokeplay or Matchplay in the comfort of your home. Play singles, pairs or teams. Challenge your friends and family. Putt for a par, birdie or even an eagle, but watch out for the bunkers and don’t lose your ball in the water!

    No other putting experience gives you those pressure putts you need to hole. The stomach turns and you are 2 down with 3 to play. What will you do under pressure?

    Use the Wild Cards to influence your opponents score. Challenge other players by making them replay their putt. Keep your friends close and your putting enemies closer! (Wild Cards Are Purchased Separately in the Home version)

    Putt18 is fun to watch, easy to play and will keep you wanting more after every round.

     *Free online access to real time scoring via your mobile device. www.putt18leaderboard.com.au



    OVERVIEW: Putt18 is a Putting Game designed for both golfers and non-golfers.

    The Putt18 Putting Mat allows you to play Stroke Play or Match Play over 9 or 18 holes. You can play individually, in pairs or even in teams. Each player, pair or team has 9 or 18 putts to judge the correct speed, direction and if you shoot the lowest score you win. The challenge is to get the golf ball to finish in a particular spot on the putting mat as each spot on the putting mat represents a score value.

    Putt18 scores like a round of golf. Each target represents a hole. There are 3 target or holes and there are 6 starting points or tees to putt from. Every time you putt to a target or hole you are putting for an eagle.

    Wherever the ball finishes in relation to that target or hole gives you a score. That score can be from as low as an eagle to as high as a triple bogey.

    GENERAL RULES: Players and teams are required to keep their score using the score cards provided to keep track of their scores. You will need to decide how many players or teams are playing and whether you are playing 9 or 18 holes.

    STARTING POINTS: The starting points are defined by 6 rectangular blocks. To start place a ball at the 1-3 hole block and commence putting. You will putt 3 balls from this spot. Your first putt will be at the hole Par 4, your next putt will be at the Par 5 and the next will be at the Par 3. Move to the next block 4-6 and so on. A player or team ball must be placed within the starting blocks before they putt. Should a player or team place their ball in front of or outside the rectangular starting blocks and putt, then the putt must be replayed and the player or team shall incur a One Shot Penalty Or Loss Of Hole in Match Play.